The first portable handheld drill was created in Germany in 1895, and then the first trigger-switch, pistol-grip portable drill was patented by Black & Decker in 1917. This kicked off the modern drill era, although at that time, it was believed that such a drill was only suitable — not to mention useful — for manual labor. But as these 9 clever life hacks will show you, that’s far from the truth!

1. Brush Attachment

You’ll need:
hot glue

Drill a hole in the center of the toothbrush head.

Push a screw through the hole from the top of the toothbrush head and secure it in place on the back with hot glue.

Cut off the head of the toothbrush.

Insert the screw into the drill.

Apply a cleaning agent to the bristles.

Now you can quickly scrub your bathroom tiles and other surfaces without exerting any major effort.

2. Replacement Mixer

In case your mixer up and dies on you, insert a whisk into the drill head and poof – you’ve got yourself a ready-made alternative!

3. Apple Peeler

You’ll need:
spade bit

Insert a spade bit into the drill head.

Stick the spade bit through the bottom core of the apple.

Turn on the drill so that the apple rotates and you only have to hold the peeler to peel the fruit.

4. Debris Catcher

Stick a folded sticky note under where you plan on drilling to catch the falling dust and debris.

5. Measuring Tool

To know how deep a hole to drill in the wall, measure the length of the dowel on the bit and mark it with a piece of tape.

6. Hands-Free Screwdriver

To drill screws into a board without holding them, attach the screw to the drill head.

Now you can drill the screw deep enough into the board so that you can screw it in completely without having to hold it.

7. Pencil Sharpener

Protect your wrist by sticking the pencil in the drill head. Start the drill and put the sharpener on the rotating pencil to sharpen it at lightning speed.

8. Wire Twister

You’ll need:
pair of pliers

Saw off the head of a large, long nail.

Bend the nail into an L-shape.

Mount the bent nail on the drill head.

Turn on the power drill and you’ll be able to quickly and easily twirl metal wire.

9. Knife Sharpener

To make your drill into a grinder, cut a strip of sandpaper about the width of the head of your drill and glue the strip to the same drill bit with hot glue.

Turn on the drill and hold the blade of the knife against the rotating sandpaper.