IKEA has lots of gorgeous furniture pieces that we all love to buy and hack. An IKEA FÖRHÖJA cart gives you extra storage, utility and work space. You can quickly view and access what’s inside because the drawers can be pulled out from both sides. Its cutlery trays fit on the shelves. One of the sides is placed on wheels, the other isn’t, and it makes the cart mobile yet stable. How to hack it to make it more personalized? There are lots of ways to go: you can paint it with any paint or even chalkboard, you can attach some contact paper, for example, trendy marble, you can change the drawers or insert some baskets underneath. Change the countertop for a wooden or butcher block one or even go for stone.

This piece can be used not only in the kitchen but also in any other space where you need a practical storage piece – in your pantry, balcony, craft room, garden shed, home office and so on. You may repurpose the cart into a kitchen island, a craft and art station, a desk, a home bar, a gardening station, even a vanity for your bathroom sink! Hack and paint it as you want or as your space requires. Get inspired and rock FORHOJA carts!