It’s summer and most of our thoughts are striving to beaches and coastal homes, holidays and sunshine. Those lucky guys who have outdoor spaces spend time their enjoying nice weather and those of us who don’t have anything like that stay inside but we can still create a mood indoors, too. Adding relaxing and outdoor-inspired touches will make your interiors more summer-like and will help you feel less stressed even in a big city. Tropical print wallpaper, rattan furniture and wicker lampshades are the easiest ways to add an outdoor feel indoors, and as we’ve already shared some ideas on the first two points, it’s time to take a look at the third, let’s do that!

Wicker Pendant Lamps

Wicker pendant lampshades are a perfect idea for any space, from a bedroom to a kitchen, they easily bring a relaxed feel to the space. Such lampshades are great for boho spaces that are so popular right now, and you may also add them to other decor styles, too: they will make you feel at ease in any room with almost any decor. You may not only keep the lampshades neutral but also paint them white, black or any other colors to match your interior.

Other Wicker Lamps

Wicker lamps don’t always mean pendant lamps, you may go for wall, floor and table lamps, too, if they fit your decor. Place a table lamp on your nightstand to make your bedroom feel beachy, attach a wall sconce over the bed for comfortable reading or place a quirky metal and wicker lamp on the floor in your reading nook. You may also try wicker lamps with legs or without legs – they can be fit for floors and tables, or go for oversized bottle-shaped lamps for your floor to make a statement. Get inspired!