Kitchens are perhaps the most functional spaces in our homes: here we cook, eat, talk, sometimes work and much more and we usually love our kitchens! If you feel that your kitchen needs a revamp but you aren’t ready to a lot of fuss this wish may cause, we offer some stress-free and easy updates for your space.

Paint Your Cabinets

Painting cabinetry will immediately give your kitchen a brand-new look and will bring it to life. Use bold, vibrant hues from a modern touch that has a hint of new or go dark for that edge that screams vintage chic – it’s totally up to you and you should enjoy this new look.

Add Fresh Hardware

Completely changing your hardware could be just what your kitchen needs for a new twist. Whether you use unique ones that are extremely modern, or you go for a more traditional vibe you want your new hardware to be just as charming as the rest of the room. You may pair this tip with the previous one or go for only hardware for less fuss.

Mix And Match Your Furniture

Matching all your pieces isn’t very much in trend right now, and a little bit of mix and match will make your kitchen look unique without overbearing it. Consider mixing and matching your stools, consider bringing in multiple different hues or even patterns and sizes for that engaging look that is charming with a hint of unique. Furthermore, use stools in different sizes for the ultimate contrast.

Load Up On Lighting

Consider bringing in light fixtures that are large enough to fill the room yet do not take away from your overall facts. It’s all about making the room have a chic appeal while still being charming and bright. Bring in a chandelier and add other light fixtures around for that cohesive charming appeal.

Functional Kitchen Island

Even if you literally have no space for a kitchen island, you should have one as it can completely change the game in your kitchen – it’s super useful for cooking, cleaning, peeling and other stuff and can be even used to have a meal on it. Go for a functional and practical one to make your kitchen cooler.