It’s the small things in life that make us happy. At the same time, it’s the small things in life that can frustrate us to no end, and our everyday life is littered with opportunities to turn a good day sour. In order to stop these kind of situations right in their track, we’ve come up with 11 simple life hacks with big results. These genius tips will tackle little annoyances and everyday problems head-on so you never again have to succumb to the frustration of shoes that are way too tight, losing your USB stick, and so much mo
1. Tight Shoes
Tight shoes? No problem! Just put on a thick pair of socks, squeeze into your shoes, and at the same time use a blow dryer to warm up the sides of the shoes. You’ll see how the material of the shoe stretches very quickly due to the heat. Now your shoes will fit like a glove.

2. Wood Protection

Ever driven a nail into wood and then gotten annoyed because of the ugly dents that you left in there?

You can easily avoid this ugly faux pas by spreading hot glue over your hammer.

3. Chip Dust Residue

Reaching into a half-empty bag of chips can be a messy affair. To avoid getting chip dust all over your hands and arms, simply tuck in the bottom half of the bag so that the chips that are left come up to the top. Now you get to enjoy your potato chips in a super practical and mess-free way.

4. One-Size-Fits-All Screwdriver

Can’t find the right screwdriver? Just grab a pen that you don’t need anymore, remove the refill inside, and heat up the plastic at the tip of the pen. Press the melted plastic tip to the screw, rotate the pen, and voila: you have a tightened screw.

5. On-The-Go USB Stick

USB sticks have a very annoying habit of getting lost in bags. It seems like every time you need it, you have to go digging through your purse first. Not only is this a pain in the neck, it can also permanently damage your flash drive. Well, here’s the perfect solution to this problem! First grab a lip balm stick you no longer need and remove the actual lip balm part.

Fill the plastic case with hot glue.

Gently press the USB stick into the glue and let it dry.

Now you can safely store your USB stick and always have it handy.

6. Grimy Cheese Grater

Grated cheese is all well and gouda, but cleaning the grater can be a total drag, especially because you run the risk of tearing your dishcloth on the thing. Instead, run an old toothbrush over it and your cheese grater will be as good as new.

7. Dried-Out Marker

If you forgot to put the cap on a marker, just spray the tip with some perfume. This will moisten the tip and get the juices flowing again.

8. Blisters

Do you constantly get blisters on your heels? Then just glue a cut-to-size panty liner to the inside of the shoe, and blisters will be a thing of the past.

9. Worn Eraser 

If the eraser on your pencil is worn to the max, just sharpen it! Sounds easy? Well, that’s because it is!

10. Dirty Shoes

Are your shoes looking like they’ve been through a war, and yet you forget to buy shoe cleaner? Then just grab some toothpaste from the bathroom and rub it all over the dirty parts with an old toothbrush. Your shoes are going to look brand new again!

11. Instant Noodles Indeed

Instant noodles are supposed to be fast and easy, so why dirty more dishes than you need to when preparing the noodles? Simply put the noodles in a kettle and boil them in there with some water. Fast food straight from the kettle equals noodle perfection.