With the appearance of unwanted “pests” in the house, life becomes unbearable. They destroy furniture and clothes, spoil food, and scare children and animals. Sometimes they appear in unexpected places. Imagine a situation where you leave your country house, and a huge snake is looking at you from the roof. Each kind of pest requires individual disposal methods. It’s difficult to remember them all, but when uninvited guests appear at home, you need to act quickly.

1. Mice

Mice are much larger than insects, and they aren’t able to climb through tiny slits into the apartment. Therefore, if you find a mouse under your bed, you need to first figure out how it got inside and close this entry. You can also set traps to catch those mice that have already settled with you. But please be careful, these devices can be dangerous if there are animals or small children in the house.

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2. Ants

Ants are the most common pests in the house. They crawl to us to feast on our food. The first thing you should do to forget about them is to secure or throw away any containers with sweets and start to throw the garbage out more often. If they have nothing to eat, they won’t stay long in your kitchen. Ants also hate baby powder. Sprinkle it along the walls and this should stop them.

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3. Flies

If you begin to feel that flies are becoming part of your family, then you should buy a mosquito net. It is more difficult if the design of your windows does not give you an opportunity to install it in a proper way.
Then you can use special traps. If the flies have really got you, build it yourself. This will be a special kind of revenge!

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4. Spiders

As you can know, spiders play a very important role in agriculture and the ecosystem of the planet. So if possible, don’t kill them, but instead try to make them leave your home. The easiest and most effective way is to constantly vacuum their webs. There is also a folk remedy — put a few chestnuts in each room. Science has not yet explored this method, but our ancestors have noticed that these nuts scare spiders away.

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5. Ticks

Unlike the previous pests, ticks pose a real threat to your life. If you live close to a forest or park, one day you might find them in your home. As soon as this happens, examine yourself, your family members, and your animals, as well as take all the necessary medical tests. You will need chemicals to clean your home. It is best to contact a specialized service that can help you.

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6. Beetles

Beetles are bugs people usually find in their kitchen. Like ants, they crawl in search of readily available food. Step-by-step, you should meticulously clean up your kitchen. Remove everything from the shelves and wipe them down with a 50-50 water to white vinegar solution.

Beetles are sometimes so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. So you should throw away all the cereal, baked goods, and sweets that they could have possibly reached.

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7. Moths

If there is a fur coat in your wardrobe, then you should probably start worrying in advance because moth larvae love to feed on furs and other fabrics. Try to not put dirty clothes in your closet, because moths are attracted by the smell of sweat.

For a better effect, take lavender, bay leaves, cloves, rosemary, and thyme and put this mixture on one of the shelves. It turns out that moths hate the smell of herbs.

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8. Woodlice

Woodlice are things that indicate that your house is too damp. So, as you can understand, high humidity is the main reason for the appearance of these unexpected guests. Check to see if your taps are leaking. If yes, then the solution has been found — call a plumber. Within a month, woodlice should leave your home, otherwise chemicals are always ready to help you.

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9. Snakes

Snake are the hardest pest to get rid of. Chemicals don’t help here, you will need to remove it physically. But first make sure it’s safe. You can use a broom or stick to sweep it out. Strong gloves can also help if you are not afraid to pick it up.

If you have doubts that the snake is safe, don’t take risks. If possible, cover it with a blanket or a bucket and call professionals.

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10. Cockroaches

Dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs on the floor, leftover food, and empty cans or containers are the most attractive things for cockroaches in your home. For many years people have been using lemon juice to fight these insects. Use it in places where these pests most often crawl — this should scare them away.

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