What’s a cloffice? This is a closet + home office, a perfect idea not only for a style or fashion blogger but also for many other girls and men. A cloffice saves a lot of space as you pair up two different functions in one room, and this is a trendy idea to rock now. Ready to see some ideas to make your own cloffice? Let’s begin!

Colors And Styles

Though a cloffice is usually a small space, you should definitely continue the style of your home here to make it cohesive and choose a color scheme. If you have a small closet, prefer neutrals or pure white, such colors will make it look airy and ethereal and visually larger. You may also go for contrasts like black and white or spruce up a neutral space with bright touches like pink and purple. If you want a girlish look, go for pastels. Build in a lot of lights and hang a chandelier – you will need them for both trying on clothes and shoes and for working at the computer.

Furniture And Décor

First of all, understand how much clothes, shoes and accessories you have and if you will need a large closet or not. This way you’ll find out how much of your space it will take, whether it will be a small makeshift one, a large open or partly open closet with dressers. Second, find out how much space you will need for your home office part: for a desk and some storage units if you need them. Decide whether you will visually separate the two parts or they will merge into one. Add décor and accessories and don’t forget a large mirror and voila!