A good home office will make you feel comfortable and boost your creativity. Many home office ideas in recent years focus on both function and aesthetic. It creates great combination for modern professionals who work from anywhere, including home.From artsy and colorful to business like and straightforward, here are seven great ideas to create an inspiring home office. Have limited space? Small home office ideas help expanding your possibilities. There are several ways you can get creative with small space, such as:

Opening the center area

Dragging sofa or bench to the wall and desk to window will open the center area. It makes your office look big and airy.

Using “leggy” furniture

Leggy furniture, with thin frames and less bulks, makes the room look bigger. Adding thin chairs and desk to a small office will reduce claustrophobic feeling.

Using floating units

Floating computer desk, workstation, or shelves reduce the need for floor space. You can also open up the center space, creating airy look.

Installing alcove space

Alcove space is a great alternative for small space. You can install a library, additional working space, or “unwind zone” above your main working space. Alternatively, make the bottom floor a place to receive clients.

Home Office with Beautiful Rug

Rugs or carpets create wonder in various home office ideas. Even the most boring room will become interesting when you embellish the floor. Choose a full rug or wide carpet that has bright colors and unique patterns.

Installing colorful rugs or carpets will also help in determining color scheme. You can add colors to the home office based on the rug’s design. For example, if the rug has bottle green, salmon pink, and brown shades, the home office can have these colors for decoration.

Minimalistic Home Office with Bright Colors

Minimalistic home office is perfect for professionals who need straightforward, practical design. It is also easier for receiving guests or client while maintaining positive impression. Choosing the most practical furniture releases you from clutters and confusion.

Adding bright colors to minimalistic office will boost your creativity. They also help reducing boring look. Apply the bright colors on key furniture or accents. For example, a white-dominated office may have red chair and orange rug.

Home Office for Two

A home office for two is popular among couples who are professionals. You can apply this idea even in a small room. For example, you can divide a room with curtain, which is less bulky than permanent wall or solid divider panel.

If there is enough room length, install a long floating desk. This desk saves space because it is attached to the wall. You can place to desktop computers or laptops side by side. Combine the personal elements of each person in the overall interior design.

Home Office with Modular Units

Modular units help homeowners to maximize the use of space. Many home office furniture items offer modular designs. A simple example is a hutch desk with several storage options, computer station, and place for lighting fixture.

Modern modular units have “leggy” designs or thin metal frames. They are designed to reduce bulks in a small home office. The only visible “bulks” are the drawers and desk/seat panels.

Artsy Home Office with Wall Gallery

Artsy home office is perfect for a creative worker that needs creativity boost all the time. Adding a wall gallery will create a focal point. Use simple frames that don’t add the bulk. Choose artworks that have bright color combinations.

To reduce distraction, install abstract-style artworks that don’t hurt your eyes. Use your own works or print beautiful images to be framed. You can also print artistic, black and white photos to create a gallery.

Home Office with Plants

Home office with plants will reduce stress, increase air quality, and boost productivity. You can use plants to invigorate a minimalistic home office. Snake plants, peace lilies, rubber plants, and Boston ferns are perfect air-cleaning greens.

You can also decorate the office with creative plant arrangements. Succulent bowl, mini wall pots, or cacti collection are great to make your office livelier.

A good home office is more than just a piece of computer desk and chair. Good home office helps you to be more productive. Try adopting one of these home office ideas to create your ideal creative zone.