Canopy beds were once a statement of luxury. They were favored through the high society as a glamorous symbolic representation of wealth. Nowadays, canopy beds are rather affordable and surprisingly easy to build yourself. They’re also such a fun way to add your own unique personal style to your bedroom. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your bedroom to look more elegant, dreamy or glamorous, purchasing a canopy bed or simply adding a canopy to your existing bed could be the perfect option for you. You spend a significant time of your day in your bedroom, so you want it to be a comfortable and cozy space that you truly enjoy. Whether you wish to add dreamy fairy lights, airy lightweight curtains, or keep it rustic or industrial with exposed beams, you can have the bedroom oasis you’ve always dreamed about by adding a canopy to your cozy space.

Ready to wake up rejuvenated every morning under a canopy while feeling a bit like royalty? Take a look at these trendy canopy beds that will give you loads of inspiration for a charming, cozy and transformative bedroom. Just imagine all the possibilities you can create with a canopy bed!

1. A Feminine Touch with a DIY Canopy Bed

2. Cedar Wood Canopy with Exposed Beams

3. Repurposed Wooden Ladder Canopy with Curtains

4. Redecorate Your Bedroom Oasis with Sheer Drapes

5. A Significant Take on a Glamorous Sheer Awning

6. Mounted Canopy Design Element for the Bedroom

7. Bohemian Style Ombre Bed Canopy

8. Go All Out with a Glamorous Bedroom Makeover

9. Fairy Light Canopy Perfect for Little Girl’s Room

10. Black and White Master Bedroom Remodel

11. Create a Beautiful Reading Canopy Nook

12. A Bedroom Fit for a Mermaid

13. Camping Tent Bed for a Little Nature Lover

14. DIY Bed Canopy Fit for a Princess

15. Handmade Cot Canopy with String Lights

16. Dreamy Silk Mosquito Net Bed Canopy

17. A Delicate Custom-Made Flower Canopy Mobile

18. Sweet and Lovely Canopy Netting

19. Drape Elegance with This Stunning Canopy

20. Luxury Cotton Mosquito Net with Sunbrella Topper

21. Ivory Juliette Floral Crib Canopy

22. Beige Hanging Canopy for Bed or Reading Nook

23. Artistic Mosquito Net for Any Size Bed

24. White Organic Cotton Hanging Canopy