Every woman is doing her best to prevent hair loss and have strong and healthy hair. Women are either going for expensive saloon procedures or natural treatments, hair beauty is essential to each and every one. Hair loss is rather frequent among women and unfortunately can be caused by various factors such as vitamin deficiency or even more serious health issue.The good news is the fact that in spite of any cause, the hair loss process can be reversed and the cause can be treated.

Here are the most frequent 7 causes for hair loss:

Overworking the hair. The combination of chemical ingredients that most shampoos and conditioners have can lead to making the hair weaker and eventually fall. If you are one of the people that uses lots of hair care products, you are already familiar with the hairs that fall uncontrollably. It is recommended that you use a natural hair mask every now and then. You can make your mask at home from olive oil, eggs and honey.
Telogen effluvium is the clinical name for the condition of losing hair after experiencing lots of stress such as weight loss, pregnancy or even a surgery.
Faulty diet. The body needs a well-balanced diet in order to survive, this applies to healthy hair as well. If your body lacks vitamins and proteins, you can notice this through your hair. Your hair is made up from proteins, which means you need to eat as many proteins as possible in order to have healthy and shiny hair.
Wrong water. Hard water has a big quantity of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that make hair get dry, cause the appearance of dandruff and even hair loss. Be careful with the water you use.
Thyroid affections. If none of the above causes seem familiar, you may suffer from thyroid affections. Go check it! It is treatable and you will feel a lot better afterwards.
Issues with the ovaries. Check your ovaries for any cysts because they can lead to elevated testosterone levels, which leads to hair loss.
Iron deficiency. One of 10 women between 20 and 49 years old is a victim of iron deficiency.