Spring is here and with Easter around the corner, it is time to start with the preparations. Nothing looks better than a wreath on your front door. It is so warm and welcoming, and would definitely put a smile on anyone’s face.  Store-bought ones can be pretty pricey, but that should not stop you from owning one. Instead, go for the DIY version. You will have fun, and save some money as well. What can be better than that? There are so many simple and easy to make designs that look so spectacular.

1. The easiest and cheapest way to make a DIY Easter wreath is to start with a grapevine wreath.  These ones are affordable and will look beautiful. For an interesting look, you can cover it with moss using a hot glue gun. A large pastel bow on the top will be the perfect finish.

2. If you are looking for a practically free wreath, then this one is for you. If you know the trick for making your decorative yarn balls, then you’ve got it. For the ones that are not familiar, I will do a quick explanation. If you dip yarn in a starchy mixture and wrap it around an object, it will keep the shape and remain stiff. This is the perfect trick that will help you make countless Easter eggs. Use small water balloons to achieve the egg shape.

3. If you can find lots of plastic eggs in the local craft store, then quickly grab them. You can make a beautiful wreath. If you don’t like the colors, paint them in pastel tones for the best effect. For a speckled look, flick some paint over the already dry eggs.

You can also decorate with flowers for the best spring look!

4. If you have lots of yarn, then use it for this cute project. Make lots of pom poms for decoration, and don’t forget to add the felt bunny.

With having so many cute DIY Easter Wreath ideas on your mind, we are pretty sure that you will do the best for this project.