It’s such a fabulous way to transfer your memorable moment onto candles to make your own custom piece of decoration. You can transfer a photo or anything that you can print from a printer, onto tissue paper and then melt/transfer it to a candle. It’s easy to do and it turns out great! Made some amazing personalized candles with just simple steps you can transfer anything you like on to a candle. This acts as a perfect gift and also you can stand a chance to win these candles made by me and her. I included a video tutorial to guide you through so you can have fun with kids together. These will be great gifts for Father’s day, Mother’s Day and any holiday lighting.

Pillar Candle
White Tissue Paper
Plain Printer Paper
Wax Paper
Heating tool or a lighter

Pick the photo you want to work with and prep your paper. All you need to do is to take a piece of white tissue paper and cut it so that it’s just a bit larger than a plain piece of printer paper. Then, fold over and tape the excess tissue paper to the back of your printer paper.

Once your paper is taped, place it into your printer so that the tissue paper is the side that gets printed on. Make sure to set your printer paper properties on transparency film! This setting prints perfectly on tissue paper!

Print your image onto your tissue paper.

Remove the tissue paper from the printer paper and trim your image.

Once your image is trimmed the way that you desire, place it onto your pillar candle ink side up.
When your image is placed where you’d like it to remain, take a piece of wax paper and wrap it around your candle, with the waxy side touching the tissue paper. Having a bit of extra wax paper does allow you to grab the slack and use it as a holder of sorts which will benefit you in the next step.

Now, take your heating tool and gently heat the wax paper. It will begin to melt over your image. Don’t let go of the excess wax paper on the back of the candle when you’re melting your wax paper.

Once the wax paper begins to melt, you will begin to see your image come through the paper clearly. Stop heating once you see this happen.Now, slowly peel the wax paper away from the candle.

That’s it! Your image should be fully transferred! If you happen to see any bits of wax sticking up, use your finger to lightly pat down (or wipe away) the flakes.

Watch the video to get the full tutorial: