It is always a great feeling when we are making the preparation for Christmas, especially if you can recycle something from trash into treasure to make something unique for the whole family. What an amazing idea to recycle plastic bottle into this festive decorative Santa boots! Make them as Christmas decorations or Change the fabric to make them as everyday desk organizer.

Supplies needed:
Plastic bottle (A plastic bottle for a single boot)
Fabric (Cotton scraps, felt etc)
Embellishment: Ribbons, Christmas ornaments or other themed ones
Sewing supplies: scissors, needle and thread, ruler etc.
Hot glue gun.

Cut the Plastic Bottle into 3 Parts (Sada Plastic Bottle like 7 Up, MTN Dew works great on this craft)

Cut the following shape as base (the length is changeable according to the diameter of the plastic bottles), measure the diameter of the bottle and cut 2x on cardboard.

Place the cut parts of plastic bottle to ensure the size.

Wrap the boot bottom with fabric. Then get prepared for the fabric for wrapping around the plastics. For the front plastic part: Measure the length from the bottom of the plastic to the edge to get the radius (measured length plus 2 cm as tolerance) for the circle covering the plastic.

Sew a circle of 1 cm in the middle with running stitch, pull tight and tie! Then running stitch the edge of the fabric before covering the plastic, pull tight the thread to wrap the plastic inside.

Get prepared for the fabric size of rear plastic. (Size = The circle length of bottom * The Length of Height)

Wrap the plastic with cut fabric and glue.

Glue all the parts together, and attach the embellishments.

Decorate with ornaments and you are done!