This post will prove you that you can make your computer that stop working yesterday, useful for a longer period of time. When a computer stop working, people are used to switch to a new one. That’s mean that there are million old computers that are considered as garbage. Wait… there are some creative minds that gave new dimensions to these useless and old boxes. Let’s check them out and see what we can create of our old computer.

Hamster cage 

Your new hamster doesn’t have a cage yet? You don’t have to waste money on a new one, when you can turn your old computer into a beautiful and spacious cage. The idea is brilliant and very quick and easy to make.

Floating shelf

The easiest way to reuse your old compute is to hang it on the wall and remove the unnecessary parts, so that you can use it as a floating shelf. You can display your books, cosmetics and any other item.

Beer server

All beer lovers, can finally have a beer server in their homes. I love this creative and innovative idea and I like it to have it at home and in the office if it is possible.

Grow plants

If you adore gardening, take a look at the picture below and inspire yourself to make your own mini-garden by transforming your old computer. You can grow a wide variety of plants in your own computer and you didn’t know that.

Dog bed

If you have a small dog in your house, you probably need a bed where the dog can sleep. The idea is brilliant, isn’t it? You don’t have to waste money on expensive bed, when this can be a perfect shelter for your dog.


It’s a perfect time for barbecue! Go in your basement or garage and find your old computer, buy some meet and invite your friends over. This idea is magnificent and inexpensive.


You need planters for your yard? You can use your old computers to plant trees, flowers, etc. I never thought that computers can be used as planters, have you?


You MAC can be transformed into an awesome mailbox. It looks fantastic and really unique idea for your yard. Use your creativity and draw something on it or just paint it.