Built in benches usually are wonderful custom designs. They can be placed almost anywhere of your home – from a hallway wall to a backyard deck or even under the window. They are also great examples of taking advantage of limited space. Built-in benches not only provide extra seating area, they can be used as storage space. If you are planing to build one, take a look below designs.

1. Bench under low window to keep cabinets going.

2. Kitchen island with built-in bench.

3. Great use of space for a cute entry way with built-in bench.

4. Built-In Patio Planter with Bench

5. Corner vanity bench topped with a gray cushion sandwiched between two washstands.

6. Coziest window bench with the perfect built-in and lovely fireplace on either side.

7. These decks with built-in benches are ideal for gathering with guests, as it has multiple areas for entertaining.

8. Breakfast nook with built-in bench with storage drawers or storage bins underneath.

9. Small foyer built in bench along the staircase.