Terracotta pots are not only for flowers’ home, they are also can be used to decorate your garden and yard with some creativity. If you happen to have some terracotta pots that are lying around your house, don’t waste them anymore. Have a look at the cool ideas to adorn your home with clay pots below.

1. Construct a Vertical Clay Pot Garden

2. Create So Cute Sphere Succulent Garden

3. Vertical Terracotta Pots Garden Double as a Privacy Screen

4. Use The Pots for Garden Edging

5. Terracotta Pot Planter with Birdbath and Feeder

6. A Fairy Circle of Terracotta Pots as Garden Fence Decorations

7. Stack Old Wine Crates or Use Pallet and Fill Them with Clay Pots

8. Clay Pot Mushroom Toadstool

9. Terracotta Pots Wreath

10. Use Clay Pots as a Base for Garden Lights

11. Turn Clay Pots Into an Fountain

12. Turn Them Into Hanging Pendant Lamps

13. Turn Them to a Vertical Garden

14. Create a Terracotta Pot Wind Chime

15. Upcycled Pallet Rainbow Flower Garden

16. Rain chain out of clay pots and chain

17. Display Clay Pot Planters on Cinder Block Shelf

18. Planted Pots Are Easier To Pull Up and Replant Flowers

19. Hanging Clay Pot Planters on Chicken Wire Frame

20. Candles in Little Terracotta Pots

21. Tiered Planter Plant Stand From Terracotta Saucers