Who needs a few snowman decorations for their tree?  When you can make them in about 5 minutes, I think we all do!  I am in love with these wood bead snowmen and how simple they are.  Grab your craft supplies and whip up a batch today!

Supplies needed to make these snowman decorations:
Large wood beads
Black permanent marker
Orange permanent marker
Tape (optional)

Start by cutting a length of twine and knotting at the top.  Gather the two ends and wrap tape around them if desired.  This will help you when threading on the wood beads.  It is not required but definitely recommended.

Thread the end through three of your wood beads then remove the tape.

Tie the ends together a few times and trim away any excess twine.

Use your markers to add a snowman face to your ornament.

Just like that you have a cute ornament to hang on your tree.  Keep going and make even more of these adorable snowman decorations.

These are also the perfect craft for kids as they supplies are super simple.  Set out some supplies and get the kids working on some adorable snowman decorations today.  After all, it is never too early for some Christmas crafts!

via thecountrychiccottage