Create a nature-theme Christmas ornament from pistachio shells glued to a foam shape.

What You Need:
Medium egg-shape foam, such as Styrofoam
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
Pistachio shells
Eye pin
5/8-inch wide ribbon
Scissors; metallic gold cord
How to Make It:
Starting at the narrow end of the egg form, hot-glue pistachio shells around the foam in a tight bud.
Glue shells around egg-shape form layer by layer until the entire form is covered. Some shells may fit a space better than others depending on width or “cupping” of the shell.
Tie a ribbon bow. Insert the eye pin through a bead and the ribbon bow. Apply some glue to the pin and insert into the center top of form.
Cut gold metallic cord and thread through the eye and tie into a hanging loop.
via bhg