Evergreens scream winter and Christmas, and there’s no better way to add a natural touch to your Christmas decor than evergreens! Evergreens aren’t only about a Christmas tree, use some for decorating your home – indoors and outdoors, such decor is very cozy, smells winter and is very budget-friendly – maybe you can even get some outside. If you don’t have real evergreens, why not use artificial branches? Let’s have a look at some amazing ideas to incorporate both real and faux evergreens.

Evergreen Wreaths

Wreaths are the most popular winter and Christmas decorations, they are suitable both indoors and outdoors and can be used in many spaces. A lush evergreen wreath with berries and eucalyptus or without any additions will look great and will bring a natural feel to the space. Hang it on your front door, on the stairs, on the wall to highlight the mantel or some area of your home. Add ribbon bows – creamy, emerald or red ones to bring a cool Christmas feel to your space.

Evergreen Garlands

A lush evergreen garland is another cool piece to bring a natural Christmas feel to the space or to outdoors. You can attach the garland over the front door, add lights, ornaments and jingle bells to make the front porch cooler. Cover any archway in your home with such a garland or go for a covered bed framing to make your bedroom more rustic. An evergreen garland can be attached to the railing, you may hang ornaments and bells to make the stairs more holiday-like.

Evergreen Displays

Make a cool evergreen display using any container you like: a bread bowl, a vase, a glass bowl, a tray or a milk churn. Blend evergreens with ornaments in different colors, pinecones, candle lanterns, magnolia leaves, add ribbon bows if they are proper. If your evergreens are faux, add some pine spray around to make them feel more natural.

via digsdigs