Throwing away old items is not a good idea. Instead, you should get creative and find new purposes for them. And today I bring you some cool ideas for one very special item. Baby cribs bring lot of memories, so why not give them a second life? Check out these repurposed crib ideas and create awesome furniture!

Kids grow so fast. And it’s a matter of time when their baby cribs become too small for them. And they are practically useless. But, what if I told you that they can be used after? With these ideas, you can convert an old baby crib into functional furniture for your home.

How about an awesome swing? This will look nice in your yard, or porch. And you can easily do it as well. You only need to cut off one side of the crib. Decorate with fluffy pillows to make it more comfortable.

How about a sofa? Yes, you can convert a baby’s crib into one amazing sofa. And it looks pretty stylish too. The best thing about this is that you do not have to spend lots of money. Take a look at the design below. It really looks awesome!

This is one perfect idea for when kids grow up and they do not need the baby crib anymore. You can easily make a desk out of the wooden frame. You only need to get rid of one of the large sides. Remove the mattress and leave the wood only. You can paint it too. and here you have a nice desk for toddlers. Seems like a piece of cake!