Fall is here and this means Halloween is getting ever so close. It is that time of year when all things orange, black and white come out and is the perfect time of the year to get crafty with your little ones. Halloween gives the perfect opportunity to find crafts for your kids to get them excited and busy in the holiday. We’ve gathered over 27 No-So-Scary Halloween Crafts around to make with your little ones. They are more cute than spooky, so shall we get started?

1. Cotton balls, white paper board, black paper and glue are all that’s required for this adorable ghostie.

2. Since potatoes are easy to cut and carve, they can be turn to adorable oval-shaped stamps.

3. Tattle Monster – Add paper teeth and egg carton eyes on a painted tissue box.

4. Kids would love to bring Halloween spirit to your outdoor’s fairy garden.

5. Paper plate spider web craft.

6. Collect some of your empty tin cans and then turn them into these Mummy Candy Cans.

7. Turn some of juice or milk cartons into scary haunted house.

8. Super cute Halloween popcorn hands.

9. Transform old tin cans to ghosts with some paint and white streamers.

10. Cut some paper plates into pie pieces and then string these paper candy corns together to get a new banner.

11. A spooky kid’s craft – cotton ball ghost.

12. Spooky tree made from brown paper lunch bags and some bright eyeball stickers.

13. Cardboard tube spiders for Halloween.

14. Paper plate pumpkin

Or paper plate eyeball.

15. Paper haunted house – Kids can draw what they think they had see in the windows of a haunted house.

16. Make a handprint witch art.

17. Candy pretzel broom sticks are made to look like a witch’s broom.

18. Mummy Halloween mini pinata

Or mummy juice boxes.

19. Glue the black paper pattern to the coffee filter suncatcher to make these Halloween shadows appear on the window day or night

20. Make these handprint vampires you just need to prepare some googly eyes, red and black papers. Of course the most important thing is from your toddler’s little handprints.

21. Such a clever way to make a mummy.

22. Egg carton crafts.

23. Another great kid’s craft from coffee filter. Make coffee filter spiderwebs to hang on windows.

24. Painted wooden spoons and jars for Halloween.

25. Simple hanging bat craft for kids.

26. Super Cute Stuffed Paper Bag Witch Craft.

27. Plastic grocery bags ghosts.

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