You’ll be amazed how easy this Homemade Flour Paint is to make! It’s inexpensive, non-toxic and will last between 5 to 10 years on outdoor wooden surfaces. It has 4 simple ingredients at its base. You can make it in earthy tones. It’s also UV proof. This means you won’t suffer the dreaded fade, nearly half as much.  Flour Paint should only be used on wood, you need to ensure that it is clean and dry. It should also be brushed down and you should strip off any previous paint or varnish. Sanding and preparing your surface correctly is critical to its success. You want the Paint to take to the wood and penetrate and if preparation is poor, this will not happen. Do not use this on Drywall. Flour Paint is more suited to vertical surfaces that are external to your home.

8 Litres of Water (8.5 quart)
650g White Flour (23 oz)
2.5 kilo earth pigments or iron oxides (5.5 pounds)
250g Iron Sulfate (9 oz)
1 Litre  Linseed Oil (1 quart)
100ml Black Soap or Colourless Dishwashing Liquid 3.4 fl oz
Flour Paint

In a large metal recipient, bring 7 liters (7 qt) of water to a boil.
At the same time, mix the flour in 1 liter of water (1.5 qt). Pour the mix in the boiling water and let cook for 15 minutes while stirring.
Add the coloring pigments as well as the Iron Sulfate, and keep stirring for 15 minutes.
Add the double boiled Linseed Oil, and stir for another 15 minutes.
Add the liquid soap, stir, remove from the heat source and let the mix cool down.
The paint is ready to use. If it seems too thick or viscous, dilute it with water until you get the desired viscosity. Flour Paint is designed to use with a brush. It will be too thick to pop in a spray gun so be sure to bear that in mind.

It is recommended that you do not paint in the heat or direct sun. After applying your first coat, you should wait 24 hours before applying your final coat. It is also suggested that 2 years later you top up your paint. This will result in extending your paint for a further decade. It is also suggested that you do a test patch on the area you intend to paint to check results.

We have also included a video tutorial for you to watch from the creator.

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