Making jewellery from recycled stuff is really popular at the moment and we can see why. These cute plastic earrings are cheap, look beautiful and no one would ever guess that they were made from old milk bottles!

What you’ll need:
Earring hooks
Jump rings
Old Milk Bottle
Small pliers


1. Cut a piece of plastic from a used milk bottle. The piece needs to be at least 7.5 cm (3 inches) wide along one of the sides. If you need to remove the label here is a good tip.

2. Cut six strips from the piece of plastic so that you end up with 6 thin strips that are 4 or 5 mm wide and 7.5 cm long.

3. Now you need to make the different sizes for the loops.

  • Keep two of your thin strips as 7.5 cm long.
  • Cut two of the thin strips to 6 cm long.
  • Cut the remaining two thin strips to 4.5 cm long.

4.  Use something with a sharp point (I used a compass) to make a small hole in both ends of each of the plastic strips. Make the holes approximately 2 mm in from the ends of each strip.

5. To make one earring:

  • Start by threading one of the 4.5 cm strips onto a jump ring so that it forms a loop.
  • Then add one of the 6 cm strips to the jump ring so that it makes a bigger loop around the first one.
  • Add one of the 7.5 cm strips in the same way so that you now have three loops increasing in size.
  • Add an earring hook to the jump ring and use some small pliers to close the jump ring.

6. Repeat step 5 to make the other earring!