If you are the type to always leave your keys lying around and never to find them afterwards, this can certainly help you!

A block of wood 20 x 5 x 5 cm
150 cm leather cord
4 large wooden beads
4 rings for key rings
A wood saw
A miter box
A pencil
One half-square
Abrasive paper
A brush

Draw lines on the wood using the half-square. The number of rows depends on the number of keys you want to hang. For my part, I made 4.

Saw two notches on each line so that there is a 5 mm wide slot in the wood. If the cut is a bit difficult, you can have it made in a DIY store.

Sand all irregularities of the wood with abrasive paper.

Paint the wooden beads.

Cut a piece of leather cord (30 cm). Then pass both ends in the bead before passing it through the key ring. Then pass the ring through the key. Do the same for all keychains to hang. There you go !