It is difficult to have a little more privacy in yards and gardens, when you are living in a densely populated district. But it doesn’t mean that you can not create your very own personal retreat where the whole family can relax in privacy and peace. The most practical solution might be to build a screening to block the view of neighbors or even the curious passers-by who throw glances inside. There are a lot of clever and attractive ways to create privacy so you don’t need to build a ten foot wall all around your property. How about create a plants screen? None of us don’t want more green in the garden, at the same time with enough privacy space. And no matter what your style or taste, there are plants that can be used to create your garden privacy. Evergreen, climbing vines, bamboo or shrub hedges…which is your favorite?

1. Plant the most common evergreen shrubs – ‘arborvitae pyramidalis’ to create a stunning green wall.

2. Create a lush three-tier garden screen and hang it on a sheltered porch.

3. Plant horsetail grass in modern planters.

4. Grow ivy on a trellis will let you have a natural privacy wall.

5. Growing tall and thick grass in big pots is a good idea to create a moveable privacy screen.

6. This wall of hedges is also great for extending the height of a fence.

7. Plant evergreen trees in containers to block the view of neighbors.

8. Plant Dwarf English Laurel is an economical choice to create a great hedge to keep out wandering eyes.

9. Clumping bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants for creating a natural screen.

10. Colorful plants wall such as morning glory and blackeyed Susan vine can provide just enough privacy without sacrificing beauty.