One way to add a warm touch to your home is to decorate it with some bamboo poles. They are quite affordable and can be used in different parts of your home. With their natural look they can easily complement with any interior style, so you will for sure love to add some into your home too. Here are several creative ways to use them all around the home.

Decorate the walls

You can take several bamboo poles and arrange them in some unique way to decorate the plain walls in your home. They can catch some eye the way they are, but if you want to make them more attention grabbing then you can choose to paint them in some vibrant colors.

Place them in large vases

Yes, some large vases can be great decoration for your home and besides filling them with some plants, you can also fill them with some bamboo poles. One such vase can be perfect decor for some corner space in your living room or bedroom. Again you can choose to paint the poles, or maybe you can go for some vibrant colored vase.

Use them as room dividers

Bamboo poles can be also used for room dividers. They can easily fit into different interiors thanks to the natural look of the bamboo. And if you want to make look even more awesome, you can add some white pebbles on the bottom.

As part of a staircase

These poles can be also part of a staircase. Here they will have a double function – adding to the aesthetic appeal of the staircase and also providing safety when climbing up or down.

Bamboo pole lamps

Yes, instead of a plain wall lamp, you can look for one made of bamboo poles. One such lamp will lighten up the space and will also serve as beautiful wall decoration. How awesome they look, right?