We are almost 2 days away from Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to search for some DIY crafts that will help us decorate our homes in the best possible way. Once you found them you will be at peace, and you can freely go shopping for the perfect gift. For that reason, I have collected only the best ones that will catch your eye, and that don’t require much skills or money. Heart is the first shape that comes to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day, so that’s why these DIY projects make the perfect Valentine’s Day decorations. These ideas are super sweet ways to surprise your partners, so if you are celebrating the holiday of love in a nice home atmosphere, have in mind these amazing crafts that will help you set the mood.

The heart-shaped box filled with heart-shaped sweets will be a great project if your loved one loves sweets. There is not much that you can do to recreate the look at home, you just have to go shopping and get the supplies. It will be an awesome decoration that you can eat after the dinner as a dessert.

The mason jars crafts are really popular recently, so you can serve the dessert you have prepared in them. To give it a nice touch for the holiday cut out some paper hearts and stick them on the jars.

The decorative pillows come in handy every single day, so the ones with heart prints are going to be just perfect for the holidays. Decorate your bed with them and enjoy the comfort they will give you while you are hugging with your partner while watching a romantic movie.

If you have tons of wine corks at home and you have been saving them for a DIY crafts, this is the perfect time to use them. You can make an adorable piece of art by just sticking them in a frame in the shape of heart. If you feel like coloring them, paint them in the different hues of red for a great finishing touch.

The music paper notes that are too old and you that are about to throw will be a great supply for the hanging hearts project. They look super cute, don’t they? Can you already guess how they are made?

There is no going away from wreaths for any holiday, and here are the heart-shaped ones for Valentine’s Day. What do you think about decorating your front door in the holiday spirit?