Let’s admit it that all of you have sometimes in your love played with a hula hoop, so if you still have it it’s time to repurpose it and turn it into an amazing decoration. It turns out that there are plenty of things that you can make with a hula hoop and that they fit everywhere. Make your picks and get down to work!

Are you a fan of tassels? Spring is slowly approaching us, so you may want to do this decoration to welcome it. This design is really playful and gives some positive vibes.

What do you say about using the hula hoop to hang balls of different sizes and colors?

The hula hoops make awesome wedding decorations, so if you are wondering how to decorate the space here’s one magnificent idea.

You can easily make a huge Christmas wreath by repurposing the hula hoop which has been collecting dust in your basement.

The hula hoop decoration can be super modern and fit into your contemporary home decor with ease.

Kids love to have their own playing tents, so go ahead and use the hula hoop to make your kids happy!

You can add some lights too if you want to make it look even better!

The DIY hula hoop photos frame is another quick and easy project which will give you the chance to have your photos displayed in a cool and unique way.

Maybe you can consider making this awesome frame for your wedding day. 

By using threads and green leaves you can make some giant wreaths in no time. Add your favorite word in the middle, and you will have a wreath for every occasion.

Hang lots of colorful fabrics on the hula hoop and get a cool decoration.

Do you want a giant dream catcher for your room? It’s time to repurpose that hula hoop!

Is there someone who wouldn’t like the hula hoop chandelier?

The hula hoop can be turned in such a classy and elegant sophistication for your living area.