In many homes, the living room is where families and their guests go to kick back and relax after a long day. In many homes, this room is also where the television, computer and other knickknacks come together and choke the space. This is even truer in a small living room, which fills up after putting just a few pieces of furniture inside. Because of this, many people think that having a larger space is better but that isn’t always true. The secret to making a small living room look good is to take advantage of the living space you already have. Tiny furniture isn’t a must, but there’s also no need to fill the space with a giant couch or table. Try to resist the temptation to fill up the space when you don’t need to. This will just make you and your guests feel like you’re being crowded out. Design elements like shelving, hidden storage, accent lighting and a solid color scheme also go a long way in making a small space seem larger. These 50 small living room ideas will give you some new ideas the next time you feel your own space needs an upgrade.

1. Eclectic Elegance

2. Earthly Pleasures

3. Recreational Activities

4. Monochrome with Color

5. The Fine Line

6. A Marriage of Styles

7. Wooden Wonder

8. New York Shorty

9. Sunlight and Shadow

10. Mirror, Mirror

11. Seabird’s Nest

12. From Warsaw

13. A Thousand Words

14. Urban Jungle

15. Grayscale

16. Cozy Teahouse

17. Beauty in Collaboration

18. Sandalwood

19. Personalization

20. Mellow Luxury

21. Singaporean Retreat

22. All-important Lighting

23. Pretty Pink

24. Contemporary African

25. Fourth Wall

26. Study in Symmetry

27. Lonely to Cozy

28. Minimalistic Finery

29. Cat Nap

30. Levitation

31. Seaside Chic

32. For Guests

33. Pastel Garden

34. Smart Luxury

35. Seasonal Chic

36. Exciting Minimalism

37. Gentlemanly Monochrome

38. Standout Color

39. Pillow Fight

40. Spacious Eclectic

41. Modern Traditional

42. Expressive Colors

43. Sophisticated Color

44. Modern Familiarity

45. Cherry Cordial

46. Textures Matter

47. Mellow Yellow

48. Strategic Design 

49. Weathered Bliss

50. Mustard Seed