Big mirrors in bathrooms have become a cool decorating trend, mainly for two reasons: first, such a mirror makes a cool décor statement turning even the simplest bathroom into a very eye-catching one and giving it a hotel feel. Second, such a mirror will visually expand the space, which is great even for a big bathroom – who doesn’t like big spaces? Let’s have a look at the coolest options for you to choose and use.

Mirror Wall For The Sink Area

Make a mirror wall in the sink area for a gorgeous statement and comfortable using. It may be a limitless sleek mirror all over or big pieces covering the whole wall. Such a piece will fit lots of bathroom styles: modern, minimalist, rustic, industrial, refined and so on, and the touches of your style will be expressed in your tiles, finishes, lamps and counters. To achieve a maximal effect choose a small or very thin counter, which will interrupt this amazing mirror wall just for a little. One more great idea is to enlighten up the mirror with some lights on the sides, or just to attach some lamps right to the mirror.

Bathtub Mirror

Place your bathtub in front of a mirror wall or just an oversized mirror, and you’ll get that unique and chic look, which will make your taking a bath a refined spa procedure. It can be a sleek mirror wall for a modern or minimalist bathroom or a refined framed one for a chic exquisite or just vintage-inspired bathroom – such a piece will definitely become a statement decor feature. I totally love the idea of an aged-looking mirror wall, which makes any bathroom luxurious and exquisite. Add lights and chandeliers and voila – you got a fantastic bathroom!

Sink Niche Mirrors

If you want to accentuate the sink area or to divide the bathroom into zones, create a sink niche with lights, storage and a large mirror, of course. It’s much comfier to add lights – as many as you need – into such a niche, plus you can use it for storage and it looks awesome. The depth of this niche depends on the size of your bathroom, and its decor on your decor style. Look at the ideas below to choose!

via digsdigs