Gone are the days when a classroom was the only place to see a chalkboard. Nowadays, chalkboards are quite popular interior design trend, and they can be spotted in many modern restaurants and coffee shops, as well as part of a home decor. A chalkboard wall in your home can give you a chance to express your creativity and thus make the interior look more unique.

Your living room is the perfect place for some chalkboard accent wall. Most often this is the wall behind the sofa, or maybe one where the fireplace stands. You can write or draw anything you want over there, and once you get bored from the design, you can change it and thus have a different decor every time. 

The bedroom, especially kids’ one is another perfect place for having a chalkboard wall. Kids can be as creative as they want and can show their writing and drawing skills on these walls. Most often this is the wall behind the bed, or maybe the one on the side of the bed. You can even create a calendar on one such wall and schedule all your events over there.

And of course, you can have chalkboard walls in your kitchen. There can be one accent wall, or maybe the backsplash can be a chalkboard one. You can write some fun or motivation quotes over there, or one such wall in your kitchen can be perfect for writing your grocery list, or maybe some delicious recipe.