Floating shelves are a great addition to a small space because they take up very are but give you tons of storage room! Add as many to the walls as you can without making things look messy or cluttered.

In the kitchen, a great way to make your space look bigger is by utilizing open cabinets. Take the doors off of them and then store your dishware on the now exposed shelves!

If you can, install some built-in wall storage around your home. This way, you aren’t wasting valuable floor space on pieces of bulky furniture like bookshelves.  This may be hard to do, but it’s really worth the time and money.

Another great way to make your small space look good is by maximizing vertical space. From the floor to the ground, find spots to organize and store your must-needed items.

A great solution is to have wall- or ceiling-mounted lights and scones. It’s a great way to free up floor space!

Hide clutter in your home by utilizing a sink and/or table skirt. Simply, wrap the fabric around the edge of the table or sink and use it to store your toilitries in the bathroom!

An awesome way to make your small space look bigger is by putting mirrors up around the walls. This helps reflect more light into your home and also makes things look bigger because of the reflection!

Painting your ceiling a different color is a great way to make any room look so much bigger! An accent ceiling is a great idea because it’s relatively simple and adds so much personality to your home.

Sometimes you may feel the urge to get tons of decorations for your home, but if it’s small, then go for a more minimalist style. This may seem strange at first, but the lack of decor really makes your home look bigger and better.

Turn your bedframe into a storage unit to help open your room up a little bit more. Little cubbies around the edge of your bed are super helpful. Use a bed like this in a smaller bedroom to cut  down on dressers, desks, and other bulky items.

To make your home look bigger and happier, add some bright colors to it! You can paint the walls (if you want to be bold), or add accent furniture, pillows, art work, etc.

You might as well lean into the small space of your home by making it warm and cozy! Do this by adding some book shelves, getting pillows and blankets, and so much more.

Over-the-door organizers are a great way to store small items like shoes and cleaning supplies. Use them throughout your home to cut back on clutter!

When it comes to small homes, it’s necessary to use any space you have! A great option, is to use corner shelves to add more storage to your living room!

If you’re planning on buying some new furniture, then get furniture that pulls double duty: as furniture and as storage! A storage ottoman is a great example of this kind of item.