After all the fun and excitement of Christmas, the time comes when you need to dispose of your Christmas tree and here’re the 9 ideas to recycle it!

1. Create a brush pile for birds and wildlife

Use your dead Christmas tree to create a brush pile, you can find twigs, leaves, and logs in your garden, the Christmas tree can be used as its base. It’ll help and redirect the small animals and birds towards during the wintry months. The dead tree will not only offer the much-needed protection from chill to the animals but also act as a source of food.

2. Create a DIY bird sanctuary

It’s a nice idea if you keep the tree at a strategic point in the garden and place some birdhouses and feeders on or in it. This way, the birds can appreciate your tree, too. You can also go a step further and decorate it, and fill bird feeders with edible seeds and hang them from the branches/boughs to attract the birds to their new home.

3. Replant it for the next Christmas

If you’ve bought a living Christmas tree with the root ball intact, it’s a good idea to replant it for the next Christmas, it might be more than 11 months from now but that only gives us all the more reasons to start early. The Gardening Know How has a good article on it, take a look!

4. Edge flowerbeds and walkways

Instead of using it for bonfire, slice up the trunk of your Christmas tree into thin discs and use them to edge walkways and flowerbeds. This is a not only a good way to use your Christmas tree but also beautiful and functional.

5. Keep your perennials warm

You can cut off the boughs from the Christmas tree and lay them around the root of the perennial plants, this mulching will protect them from cold temperature and also reduce the chances of frost heaving.

6. As pot risers

If you have a decent size Christmas tree, you can cut the trunk into pieces of different lengths and use them as pot risers or you can get creative with it and make a rolling plant stand out of it. If you’re not satisfied with the natural looks and want to protect the wood from deterioration, varnish or paint the tree stump pieces.

7. Suppressing the weeds

Instead of sawing and splitting it, you can rent a chipper and mash up the trunk into chips. During the next season, you can spread these wood chips as a mulch under your plants, this will suppress the growth of weeds. Also, remember that when decomposed, this wood chip mulch will enrich your soil.

8. Use it to stake plants

A majority of dead Christmas trees varieties are typically sturdy in nature. And you can use this to your advantage. Strip away the branches and use them to support your plants.

9. Create habitat for the fishes
If you or your neighbor has a pond or if you live near a lake, give your Christmas tree a proper send off by tossing its branches in the water. But before you do this— Remove all the needles and tie something into the middle, like a cinder block, a stone or something as heavy. During the harsh winter months, the fish can find warm refuge beneath the branches. Nonetheless, make sure that the dead tree is chemical free before throwing it overboard.