Valentine’s Day will be here soon, so we should be getting you ready for some DIY project that will help you to express tour appreciation to the people you love the most. There’s nothing better than DIY crafts since that will show your loved ones that you really want to spend some time to make them happy. Forget about going to the store and getting presents this year, cause these projects will take you and your partner aback! Choose the mason jars cause they are really cheap and it’s super easy to work with them. You won’t find it hard at all to recreate the designs that you like the most, so check them out and make your picks!

If you two are calling yourselves love birds, this is the best gift that you can make that has a connection to your love story. It’s the best to choose the design that pictures you the most, so be careful

Does your partner love butter? Why don’t you make a homemade one and pack it in these lovely mason jars?

This is another cool way to store a cupcake and give it as a sweet surprise to your significant other. What do you say about the idea?

Are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day at home? If yes, it’s time to make these awesome mason jar drink holders.

The cards on which you will express your messages are a must, so make sure you get a really nice paper and markers. You can buy your partner’s favorite chocolates, store them in a jar and add a cute note to it!

Paint the mason jars in pastel colors and glitters, and you will get wonderful vases. It’s up to you which flower you will get.

Be creative and come up with lots of love messages that will melt the hearts of the people you love. They will be surprised and flattered that they got a handmade gift!

Make the atmosphere in your home romantic by recreating these mason jars candle holders!

The ways in which you can decorate the jars are truly endless! Spray paint is another great idea!

Here you have got some fun messages that you can write on the lid!

What do you say about using the jars as storage boxes for your presents?