Home makeover is often an expensive project, which is why we either save up for it, or just let it be. Those who rent their homes also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to improve a house they don’t own. But did you know there are actually tons of DIY ways to decorate your home without spending a big amount of money? Here are some cheap, but fun, creative and ingenious ways to spruce up your house or apartment.

1. Use Post-Its As Your Wallpaper

Well, technically you may spend a couple of dollars for this project, but that’s barely a fraction of a cost for a new wallpaper, right? Use your creativity and get different colored post-its to make a beautiful wall.

2. Use Different Patterns

Or you can use different paint patterns like this one. It is very simple and it goes well with your living room. You can enjoy watching movies or read your favorite books.

3. Newspapers as World Map

Doll up your plain white wall with something simple, but beautiful like this image of world map using old newspapers. This would be a great design for people who love to travel.

4. Knit Your Dining Chairs

If you have the luxury of time to knit, then cover some of your household furniture by knitting different colors of seat covers. It is very cozy and warm.

5. Or Your Arm Chairs

You can also knit for your living room furniture, such as your favorite comfy armchairs. You won’t have to shell a lot of money and you will feel comfortable in it.

6. Use Photo Frames Creatively

Rather than just hanging your frames randomly, why not arrange them neatly, like this one? The different color would make your room more lively and fun.

7. Doll Up Your Wall with Paper Wall Flowers

Use your crafting skills and cut flower paper shapes and paste them to your wall, such as your bedroom. It is very easy, simple and yet classy to look at.

8. Cover Your Table with Colored Tapes

Convert your plain and boring work table to fun and colorful table using colored tapes. It will protect your table from dirt and it would give you the fun and energy while you are working.

9. Recycle Plastic Spoons as Lampshade

Using a glue gun, glue plastic spoons to a water bottle and make a make a lampshade. You can recycle and you do not need to spend a lot but it would look amazing when you light it on.

10. Books As Coffee Table

For bookworms out there, you can actually make your old books work like a piece of furniture, such as this coffee table made up of books. Place a plain sheet of glass on top to complete.

11. A Branch as Curtain Rail

Pain a branch white and use it as a curtain rail to give your windows that rustic appeal. It will help you to save more but it brings out the beauty of your window.

12. Frame Your Keys

Rather than stashing them away, make use of old keys by putting them into a frame. This will make a great sentimental piece.

13. Paper Hearts

A piece of stick, nylons and colored paper cut into different shapes can make a really nice decoration. You can be romantic without spending to much.

14. Frame Wallpaper Scrap

Don’t throw our wallpaper craps. Instead, put those beautiful patterns into frames and hang them to your wall. You can always reuse and recycle. It is your creativity that would make all of your wallpaper craps into a work of art.

15. Frame a Map

Similar to the previous example, you can make use of old maps or maps of the cities or countries you’ve been to as wall decor.

16. Indoor Water In Your Fireplace

This will give you an amazing touch of nature into the comforts of your home. You will still feel the cool surrounding while you are kept warm in your fireplace. It is very romantic and it is very comforting.

17. Crystal and White

This amazing indoor water would make your home very relaxing. You can add in some plants to make it more eco friendly. The place is so clean and white which makes your home pristine and calming.

via creativedesign