An IKEA’s ‘malm’ dresser is one smart furniture to have. It is very versatile that it can easily match in any room interior. You just have to do some small alterations then everything is good. Here are some of the best examples.

You can place it in your baby’s room. It is a good storage for all your baby’s clothes and necessities. 

The Ikea malm dresser can also be a good stand for your television unit. You can place your movie collections in this drawer.

Have the drawers for each dresser decorated this way. You can have it in a different color or abstract.

An all black Ikea malm dresser is perfect for bachelors. It looks good beside your coat rack. It looks very stunning.

This is ideal for a small spaced room. You can place a bed on top of this dresser. This can help you maximize the space.

This will be perfect for your little boy’s room. You can match the color with the room’s interiors.

This is a typical use of the Ikea malm dresser. Having it painted white looks very neat in this closet. It is very useful since you can store a lot of things in this drawer.

Choosing the right knobs is important. It recreates the look of this Ikea malm dresser. This looks very elegant and luxurious.

You can use this Ikea malm dresser for your work station. It can be a good storage for all your documents and files.

Using some cute vinyl stickers, this Malm dresser got a cute and colorful upgrade.

Using some inexpensive engineer prints from your local copy store, you can put a custom photo on the front of your dresser.

Using strips of wood and paint, this Malm dresser was turned into an especially unique piece.

This DIY would work great in a retail store, a great way to display products and store sizes in the drawers below

This Malm dresser hack takes bedroom furniture and makes it really useful for the kitchen. How about a center island with a ton of drawer space and storage room?

This hack requires a bit of artistic talent, but you can draw some pretty pictures on the drawers to make a playful addition to a kid’s room.

With some mirrored panels and some O’verlays patterns, this Malm dresser got a flashy upgrade.