Most Christmas trees have always traditionally included either a star or an angel at the very top, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break the rules a bit by using something else that’s perhaps a little more modern or that fits better with the theme and style of your decor. The possibilities are really endless, and your unconventional tree topper might even serve as a great conversation starter for your holiday party or family get-together.

A Royal Crown

A Stylish Hat

Peacock Feathers

A Pair of Antlers

The Eiffel Tower

Old Sheet Music

A Real Starfish

King Kong

Weather Vane 

A Balloon Monogram

Traditional Angel

Santa Hat

Snowman Cheer

Gingerbread Man

A Bird House

A Giant Blue Snowflake 

An Egg-filled Nest

Pine Cone Tree Topper

Shell Star


Vinyl Records 

Family Photo

Hanging Monkeys

A Cluster Of Flowers

Santa’s Sleigh and the Moon