This charming garland is versatile enough to decorate your mantel, Christmas tree, buffet or any room in your home.

Materials Needed:
large piece of cream felt
brown felt for the gingerbread man
permanent marker
colored embroidery thread (for blanket stitching and features)
rickrack trim
5 lengths of wire, each about 3″ long
3′ twine or string
old, unwanted wool garment or scarf
Download: Fabric Garland Pattern

1) Cut and pin together two of each shape from cream felt and two gingerbread men from brown felt. Decorate one stocking with the pen.

2) Sew the shapes together. Leave the mitten and stocking tops unsewn. Sew on the features and rickrack trim.

3) Thread a piece of wire through the top of each shape and secure in a loop. Thread the twine through the loops and tie ribbons onto the twine.

4) Cut strips from the garment for scarves and sew them, adding some decorative ribbons and buttons, onto the fabric shapes.

via hgtv