Christmas is a wonderful holiday which everybody loves. We wait a whole year for it to come and we can’t wait to start decorating our homes. Everything has to be festive and perfect and no corner of the house is forgotten. We decorate the windows, the ceilings, the walls and, of course, the staircase. Decorating the stairs is very important. Let’s start with the basics. How about a garland made of real Christmas tree branches? You can wrap it around the guardrail and then add a few finishing touches. You and your guests will get to enjoy the beautiful smell of winter as you walk up the stairs. If you’d rather not have to deal with all the needle which will be falling as they dry up, you can use other types of decorations. For example, you can create a rustic décor by hanging things like pinecones and burlap bows and garlands on the handrail. The usual decorations that usually go in the Christmas tree can also be used here. Of course, don’t forget about the lights. At night, the décor will become magical.

via homedit