Christmas is a time of good deeds and warm hearts, a celebration of love and joy with your closest friends and family members. But the carbon footprint of commercial Christmas tree farming, harvesting, distribution and disposal is astronomical. Protect the environment by making your DIY recycled Christmas tree out of stuff you already have.

Christmas Tree made with old windows

Christmas Tree From Used Egg Boxes

Newspaper Christmas Tree

Stacked Books Christmas Tree

Pencil Christmas Tree

Tripod Christmas Tree
Truck Tires Xmas Tree

Corrugator Side-trim-waste Christmas Tree
Wooden Boards Christmas Tree

Upcycled wool cone Christmas Trees

Recycled Beer Bottle Christmas tree

Upcycled bicycle Christmas tree

Recycled cardboard Christmas tree

Upcycled wine cork Christmas trees

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree
Button Christmas Tree
Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Found Objects Christmas Tree

Upcycled glove Christmas Tree

Re-purposed vintage funnel Christmas Trees

Ironing Board Christmas Tree

Repurposed Hand Saw Christmas Trees

Old lamp shades Christmas tree

Upcycled lawn rakes Christmas Tree

Repurposed plastic bottles Christmas Tree
Junky Lamp Parts Christmas Trees

Bed spring Christmas Trees

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree with glass insulators

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees
Broken jewelry Christmas Tree

Galvanized tub Christmas tree

Recycled Sweater Christmas Trees

Recycled men’s ties Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree made from old computer parts
Recycled Tin Can Christmas Tree

Horseshoes Christmas tree