The holidays. It’s time for family, time for friends, time for good food, and time for shopping. If once this time of the year inspired people to relax at home around the fire, today it puts people into a frenzy of consuming, consuming and consuming more. It’s not your fault, it’s just the way it goes in our culture. That is why you should recycle for the Christmas holiday. Instead of buying new ornaments and spend a lot of money you can make them out recycled materials.

Scrabble Ornaments

Old Keyboard Ornaments

Ball-Shaped Ornaments From Junk Mail

Puzzle Piece Ornaments

CD Ornaments

Paper Snowflakes

Bottle Cap Snowmen Ornaments

Cork Snowmen Ornaments

Altoid tins as tiny shadow-box ornaments 

Recycled Motherboard Ornaments

Snowflake ornaments from recycled plastic bottles

Christmas ornaments made from soda cans 

Junk Christmas Ornaments

Bottle Cap Rudolph Ornaments

Recycled cardboard Christmas Ornaments

Upcycled Paint Chips Ornaments

Upcycled Jar Lid Christmas Ornament 

Recycled soda can Christmas tree angels

Lightbulb Ornaments

Icicle Ornaments From Plastic Bottles 

Honeycomb Ornaments from Vintage Book Pages 

Recycled bicycle chain star Christmas ornament

Recycled magazine ornaments

Re-purposed sweater ornaments 

Fabric Scrap Christmas Balls

Key DIY Christmas Ornament

Thrift Store Spoon Ornaments 

Snowman Sunglass Ornament

Golfer’s Snowman Ornaments 

Button Ornaments