With all the rooms having the lovely Christmas decorative items, it’s a pity not to bring some of them into the bathroom as well. Spread the cheer in every room of the house, and you will have unforgettable holidays. Christmas time is a special time of the year when all the family and friends gather together, so make the ambiance in your house sparkle, and let everyone feel the Christmas magic. The bathroom is a space in the house that is frequently used by the guest, so don’t forget to put the right decorations in it too!

You can display your toilet paper on the lovely snowman toilet paper holder. It’s a funny and amazing way to add a Christmas touch in the bathroom, isn’t it?

Yes, Christmas stockings can find their way in the bathroom as well. Who knows, maybe Santa will have to go to the toilet, and leave your present in the stocking in the bathroom.

You can also think about decorating the toilet, the vanity and every other corner of your bathroom. You can find so many interesting decorations that will make your space warm and cozy and will give the spirit of the Christmas holiday, and nice and relaxing atmosphere to all whom enter the bathroom.

The shower curtains are one of the easiest way to set the Christmas mood in the bathroom. Choose a curtain with the holidays motifs and your job there is done. As easy as a pie.

The candles will effortlessly make the atmosphere in the bathroom relaxing and comfortable. There are so many candles designs out there, so the possibilities in which you can decorate your bathroom with them are truly endless.

Decoration the bathroom in the holiday spirit it’s pretty easy and doesn’t require much time. Just get some small, modern and contemporary Christmas trees and place them in the vanity. You can add some pine cones here and there for a nice finishing touch.

If you have a glass shower, we suggest you to stick snowflakes on the glass, as shown in the photos below. What do you think about it? It’s adorable, isn’t it?

Be creative when it comes to Christmas bathroom decorations, and you will come up with so many interesting designs that are hard to resist.