Star Wars is a famous saga that will never go out of style, besides, a new episode is on! If you are a fan of this series, you definitely need a Star Wars inspired Christmas! Here are some ways to get it: make fantastic Star Wars themed ornaments, create unbelievable Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Christmas trees, R2D2 stockings and Yoda wreaths. There are many more ways to add a cool Star Wars touch to your spaces!

Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper Christmas trees

R2D2 stocking

Funny tulle Yoda Christmas wreath

R2D2 lighted lawn decoration

Mistle-tie fighter with a large red bow

Star Wars Jabba the Hutt painted ornament

Silver and black Storm Trooper wreath

Unique Darth Vader Christmas tree is a fresh take on a traditional one

Death Star ornament covered with glitter and with a candy inside

Star Wars Yoda wreath of colorful deco mesh   

DIY Lightsaber Christmas Lights 

Star Wars Snowflakes  

Lego Minifigure Star Wars Ornaments

Felt Star Wars ornaments

Chewbacca Christmas Ornament

Star Wars Wreath

Wood burned Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

Star Wars Logo Hand Painted Glass Ornament

Star Wars Christmas decorations perler beads

Star Wars Exclusive Chewbacca Stocking

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