One of the must-have decorations for the Christmas tree are the Christmas ball ornaments. And yes, you can find them in all colors possible, as well as in different sizes. But how about you try to decorate them on your own and thus make them look more unique?  There are no specific rules of how to update the plain glass Christmas ornaments. Simply be creative and use your imagination. You can easily fill them with versatile items, such as confetti, glitter, ribbons, pom poms etc. Or you paint them in any color you want or even draw some interesting pattern on them.

Try skipping from the normal design and fill the ornament with a cacti. This will look like a tiny terrarium hanged on your Christmas tree.

Take a brush and two or three paint colors to create a beautiful brushstroke ornament.

You can also glue perler beads to the glass ornament. Choose them to be in different colors for a more eye-catching look.

These monogram etched ornaments are another alternative to the simple Christmas ball ornaments.

And no Christmas can pass by without some glitter, so how about you make some glitter ornaments.

The empty glass Christmas ornaments can be filled with whatever you like and this one below is filled with sheet music.

Christmas is all about joy and happiness, so make some joyful ornaments.

Another easy way to make colorful ornaments is out of melted crayons.

Yarn is also another great crafting tool, so how about you wrap up some ornaments or maybe fill them?

For this Santa ornament you will need a red grow grain ribbon with white stitching to fill the ornament. After that, wrap a piece of satin black around it and add a little square to it out with a sliver glitter and tacky glue.

Another cool way to fill plain ornaments is with some berries. Add a flower on the outside and a ribbon to hang it on the tree.

Or how about you fill it with some popcorn?

Chalkboard paint is great tool for decorations. Paint the ball and then write Merry Christmas on it.

You can also paint the balls in pink and then add some glitter stripes.

Make some colorful ornaments, but paint only the bottom half.

Emerald green is quite popular color for this season, so paint the balls with it. Add some rhinestones or pearls to make them look more gorgeous.

You can easily make this glitter ornament with some glue and glitter. Simply apply the glue in the way you like and sprinkle some glitter on it.

Here are several more ways to decorate the plain ornaments with gold glitter.

You can also fill the empty ornaments with some glitter dust.

And the last ones are these snowy ornaments that you can make in no time.