Why not make some really beautiful and fun Christmas cards this holiday season and avoid the generic store-bought ones. Here are some creative ideas that all the family can join in and help you make!

1. Snow Globe Shaker Cards 

2. 3D Traditional Christmas Cards

3. Embossed 5 Star Christmas Cards

 4. Funny 3D Elf Cards

5. DIY Button Cards 

6. DIY Geometric Christmas Tree Card

7. Christmas Cards with Felt and Ribbon

8. Die Cut Handmade Christmas Card

9. DIY Felt Christmas Cards 

10. DIY Mini Wreath Card 

11. DIY Reindeer Christmas Cards 

12. L.E.D Reindeer Greeting Card 

13. Last Minute DIY Christmas Cards In 3 Easy Steps

14. Little Owl Shaped Christmas Card

15. Paint Chip Tree Christmas Cards 

16. Penguin Christmas Card 

17. Simple Snowman Christmas Card 

18. Sponge Stamped Christmas Tree Card