The ladder has gained a huge popularity in interior design and most home owners decide to make it a part from their home decor. There are so many ways in which you can turn a ladder into a fabulous decorative piece in the Christmas spirit, and you are going to love every single one of them!

This is a super fun design which uses Christmas lights and a few elfs. It will look like they are just decorating it.

What do you say about decorating the ladder with the amazing mason jars? Tie them to the steps with rope and decorate them with many Christmas ornaments.

The floating Christmas tree made out of Christmas balls is one of the favorite designs nowadays, but instead hanging it from the ceiling, why don’t you try and hang them on the ladder? Plus, you get a place where you can put the star on top!

Wrap the ladder with white Christmas lights and you add white Christmas balls here and there. It’s such an elegant and sophisticated look!

Have fun and color the ladder in red and green and add other ornaments and bow to it.

What do you say about tying the presents on the ladder and marking them with numbers? It’s a cool way of giving the presents, so try it out this Christmas.

Would you like to make this adorable calendar on the ladder? It’s pretty unique DIY project and will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

You can also use the ladder to decorate outside your home!

Do you get many holiday cards and you are wondering where to put them all? Turn the ladder into a card holder and have them on display.

The ladder is the perfect place where you can hang the Christmas stockings!

The Christmas ladders can make the ambiance in your home truly magical and festive, so get down to work and do your best.

You can also use the ladder as shelvings and display all of the Christmas decoration that you have at home.

Would you like to turn the ladder into a lighting fixture in your living room? Make sure you add some lights and lots of branches. The final result will bring magic into your room!

What about hanging a wreath from a ladder?