What a great upcycled craft to make using soda cans!

To make, gather the following supplies:
Soda cans – empty/clean
Craft scissors/old scissors
X-acto knife
Alcohol inks
Q-tips (for ink application)
Wire clothes hangers
Cardboard (vase)
Hot glue
Tacky glue
Acrylic paints
Foam brushes

Wash out soda cans to remove any sticky residue and let dry.  Using an x-acto knife on edge of can make a slice big enough for a scissor blade.  Using craft scissors, cut top and bottom off.  Cut through the length of can to open and finish sides, cutting off any metal slivers or jagged edges.
*CAUTION:  Be very careful with the sharp edges of cut cans.

Roll the cut aluminum in the opposite direction to help remove the curl of the can.  Next draw a shape of a flower and cut out or simply cut  flowers out free-hand.  Repeat steps for cutting cans and flowers.  You will need at least 10 flowers.

Place cut out flowers on soft surface and press in center to shape and manipulate. Edges can also be rolled using a pencil or pen.

Cut out a piece of cardboard the shape of a vase.  Lay cut out flowers and cardboard in position to determine placement layout.

Cut off straight metal pieces from wire hangers for the stems, shape into curves and place under flowers on canvas.

Begin coloring aluminum flowers with the alcohol inks.  Alcohol inks are great for adding colors to non-porous surfaces such as aluminum.  Use three colors to achieve so many different shades and hues just by dripping a drop or two onto the surface, swirling the ink around and using a q-tip to spread.

Paint the canvas background and cardboard vase. Glue sides of vase using tacky glue and apply to canvas, lifting the cardboard so it doesn’t lie flat and is open on top to allow for the wire stems.

Add the wire stems by hot gluing ends and inserting into vase.

Add hot glue to underside of flowers and place on stems.