Concrete is the perfect material to make some modern Christmas ornament. They are very simple to make, beside concrete, you will need big plastic caps, dowels, cutter, pliers and paint.

Take a container and make the concrete mix, pour the concrete in the caps. Stuck a dowel in each mold. This will allow you to have a hole to pass a ribbon or a yarn to hang the ornament.

Let the concrete dry for at least 2 days. Then you can begin to remove the molds. Use a cutter to make several vertical cuts in the plastic cap.

Use a pliers to remove the side cap. Once it’s done you can easily unmold your ornament.

Sand each side of the concrete piece and clean it under clear water to remove all dust.

Paint the ornaments the way you want. We choose to make geometric shape with gold and copper paint. You can use masking tape to delimit the painting area. Don’t forget to paint both side of the ornament. When the paint is dry, pass a piece of yarn or ribbon to hang it.

And done! Pretty cool don’t you think?

via ohohblog