Who loves to make crafts with wood? What’s more appropriate for Thanksgiving than a wood turkey place card holder? Get the kids involved and let them paint all different colored feathers for their turkeys, who said turkeys have to be boring shades of brown?

5″ wood circle
1 1/2″ wood circle (dowel cut into 1/2″ slices)
1″ wooden doll head
acrylic craft paints & paintbrush
drill & drill bits
22 gauge craft wire
wire cutter
super glue (gel version is best)
wood glue
black ball head straight pins

Step 1: Using a pencil and ruler draw the feather lines stemming from one point fanning outwards.  Draw as many feathers as you like, the more lines, the more colorful your turkey will be.

Step 2: Paint the feathers using acrylic craft paint.

Step 3: Predrill a tiny hole into one edge of the turkey body piece (1 1/2″ wood circle).
Step 4: Cut a 3″ piece of wire and twirl to shape.  Insert straight portion of wire into hole in wood body with a dab of super glue.

Step 5: Stack all 3 layers together and glue in place with wood glue.  Lay flat to dry.

Step 6: Using a wire cutters trim off the long metal pin portion keeping only a small tip.

Step 7: Predrill a tiny hole into the wood doll head and insert straight pin with a dab of super glue.

Print out names onto cardstock and insert into wire holder.  These wood turkey place card holders stand up on their own, if yours are woobly consider adding pipe cleaner ‘legs’ to support the sides and even a cute little beak would be fun.

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