Let’s get real. Painting is not for everyone. Canvases, however, are. If you’re not a Frida Kahlo, you can still create some awesome wall art using canvases. Today we’re decorating our walls with fabric-covered canvases. These are incredibly easy yet they look professional and classy.

various canvases (we used four sizes and nine canvases in total)
3 coordinating fabrics
gold chain

fabric scissors
hot glue gun
staple gun and staples


Arrange your canvases in the order they will hang on the wall.Determine which fabric to put on each canvas.

Once you’ve got your supplies, place the frame on the fabric and cut around it leaving at least an inch on each side. This will depend on how thick your canvas is. The fabric should cover the frame just like the canvas does.

Start stapling your fabric! First staple along one side and then do the opposite side. Now staple the remaining two sides. Be sure to pull the fabric taught so that it doesn’t look droopy. That is unless you’re going for a saggy look. We put anywhere from two to four staples in each side about an inch and a half apart, but you can add as many as you need.

Now for the corners. They look a little bit intimidating, but they’re really no sweat. Take the loose fabric and pull it up and back towards the center of the frame. One side will fold at a diagonal along the side of the frame. Make sure you smooth out any bumps and then staple it in place. Two shots should work.

If you want to add chain or other embellishments to your artwork, you can easily do so with hot glue.
We added gold chain to spice up our solid blue fabric. Snip the chain to your desired length using wire cutters. Then glue one side of the chain to the back of the frame. Let it dry before you do the other side or the chain will drag through the glue. When you glue the other side, pull it tight and hold it until the glue is dry or the chain will sag.

That’s it! This project is so quick and easy. And the best thing about it is that you can reuse the frames if you want to change up the design in your house. Simply remove the staples and make them again with new fabric.

via brit